Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 5 Myths about Sales - Why you will never look at Sales the same way again!

Top 5 Myths of Sales Debunked
Myth #1 - Successful salespersons are all good talkers

This is a common generalization, as a typical salesperson usually conjured up in one's mind as a fluent talker who can persuade his prospect into buying at ease. Well, this is not exactly true. However from my past encounters with sales professionals having outstanding track records, they were in fact good listeners who are proficient in discovering the actual needs of their prospects and seek how their products and services are able to address that needs. Clients are more willing to purchase from salespersons who understand what they want, rather than from salespersons who give them a whole day speech on all their products' features. Salespersons who are good talkers may sometimes resort to pressurizing sales tactics and come across to the prospects as hard-selling and a lack of concern towards them.

Myth #2 - I would not be able to sell the product well, as even I myself would not buy that product.

This sounds logical, as it would seem unethical to try to sell to a prospect something that even the salesperson himself would not purchase. However on a deeper thought, different people have different views and opinions due to different upbringing, environment, knowledge and experience. The salesperson is judging the product on behalf of his prospect based on his own perspective rather than trying to looking at things in his prospect's position. As the saying goes, one man's meat is another's poison. Something that a salesperson deems useless might be just the exact solution his prospect has been searching for. The salesperson in this case should try to look at the same thing from different angles and see if his opinions can be justified.

Myth #3 - Anyone can be persuaded to buy a product

A good salesperson can sell anything to anyone. If he cannot do that, then he is not good enough. Haven't the saying goes "A great salesperson can sell ice to the eskimos"? Well not really, in my opinion. You simply just can't force somebody to buy something that he doesn't need from you, can you? If you happen to have an alternative in your range of products to offer, you might want to see if that might fit into the prospect's requirements. Otherwise, a better strategy would be to move on to another prospect who might be in a position that needs your product more. Never push your product through hard-selling, which will annoyed your prospect. It might hurt your relationship with him, and you lose all future opportunities to do business and deals with him.

Myth #4 - Enthusiasm is key to selling

Should you display a high level of enthusiasm in your product, your prospect will get influenced by you and started to get all excited in your product too! No, that is not true. Your prospect does not care about how you feel or what you do. What matters most to him is how your product is going to do for him! Rather than presenting to your prospect enthusiastically about your product's features, simply explain to him the benefits he can get from your product would be an better option.

Myth #5 - The customer is always right

No, the customer is not always right. He might be proficient in his profession but he cannot possibly know everything that is under the sun. A doctor will be able to carry out an operation on a patient perfectly, but he might not be aware of the latest changes in financial planning or tax structuring. You, being in your line of work and frequently receiving updates and market news on a daily basis, is in a better position to offer your prospect professional advices with your relevant experience and expertise. Helping your prospect understand his situation better will be part of the value-adding services that you can provide.

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