How to be a Good SalesPerson


Sales Technique Revealed to help you increase your sales revenue by 80% or more in 2 months!

Dear Salespersons to-be, Are you

tickA fresh graduate aspiring to carve out a career in the sales industry but have no idea how to go about doing it?

tickA financial advisor, property agent or multi-level marketer looking for ways to improve your sales results?

tickA sales professional who find the large amount of efforts put in your work not justified by your results achieved?

tickwondering why the top salesperson in your company seems to be to keep getting record sales at ease while you struggled to meet your monthly sales quota?

If you answer to each of the above statements is true, here are some good news for you. Introducing to you


which I am going to reveal the various sales techniques used by successful salespersons in the industry, and show you exactly how you can apply them too to achieve your sales target!

How to be a good salesperson

I used to be an amateur sales rep when i was first starting out, and have no idea how to close a sale. As I went for roadshows to collect leads and prospects with my colleagues, I felt awkward trying to strike up a conservation with complete strangers. Seeing the crowd made me feel nervous and uncomfortable, and I often wondered how my colleagues were able to find common topics to talk with their prospects as if they were long-lost friends. Sometimes looking at the disheartening results that I got from the long hours of work that I had put in, I tend to question myself, "Maybe I am not born to be a good salesperson?"

I will never be able to become a good salesperson, because I am not a good talker!

Does that sound familiar to you? If you too have such thoughts before, think again. In fact, most successful salesperson that I had met are actually good listener who are skilled at understanding their prospects' needs, rather than good talkers who give a whole day speech to their prospects about their products' features.  

Even I would not buy the product myself, how am I able to sell the product well?

Yet another execuse that I give myself to explain my poor results. Nothing is further away from the truth! You are looking at the product at your own perspective, rather than putting yourself in the shoes of your prospects. Different peopele have different needs and opinions, due to varying environment, upbringing, education and experience. Something that you do not find useful could probably be the exact solution that your prospects have been searching for. Throughout my years of experiences in sales, I had come to realise that  

Sale is simply helping your prospect sees that the value he will be getting from the product is greater than the price he paid!

If your prospect is able to see that he could get more value that the price tag, he will be more willing to pay the price, and closing that deal would not be that difficult.  

It is easier to sell to qualified prospects already interested in your product, than trying to push your product to everybody.

Are you tired and exhausted trying to push your product to every possible person that you meet? Do you qualify your prospects? Trying to sell to everybody by casting a wide net may not be an effiecient way to spend your precious time, and the number of rejections can hurt your confidence and morale.

How to be a good salesperson

If you have been strieving for financial freedom, you should have realised that there are ONLY 3 ways to achieve that goal.

tickStarting a Business

tickInvest your Money

tickA Career in Sales

Well known examples of people who had attained wealth through business are Bill Gates who started Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg who founded FaceBook. However, starting a business requires large capital, and huge risks are involved. Most importantly, successful business owners possess entrepreneur spirits and the determination to overcome all odds. Warrant Buffet had accumulated wealth through value investing in stocks and Donald Trump through properties investments. Similarly, investments require large capital to generte sufficient returns. Unlikely companies employees who draw a fixed monthly salary, most salespersons earn on a commissions basis. The more sales they close, the more is their commissions. And the best part is, there is no cap to the number of sales they are able to close, the sky is the limit!

I'm not working in the sales industry. Learning about sales techniques is of no use to me.

Transactions are happening all around us in our everyday lives, from buying grocery and necessities to making big committments such as purchasing a car or a house. Even if you are going for a job interview or a date, you are actually trying to sell yourself well. Having a good understanding about the sales process and techniques is an important lifelong soft skills, and is useful in most aspects of your life and avoid costly mistakes.

In this 50-pages long e-book, you will learn

tickCommon myths and facts about sales

tickUnderstanding the various stages in an overall sales process, from effective marketing to closing

tickHow to identify your targeted niche market and qualify your prospects

tickHow to build strong rapprot and relationship with your prospects

tickUnderstanding the 5 Levels of Human Needs

tickHow to ask good questions

tickHow to establish your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and differentiate yourself from your competitors

tickHow to overcome objections

tickThe 5 Emotional Tiggers to quicken closing

tickHow to maximise the potential to increase sales revenue

tickHow to get more returning customers and referral sales

tickInteresting examples and real-life case studies

How to be a Good SalesPerson

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